To meet the growing needs of the research community and to assist innovative users in developing new applications, BI SPR uses a patented creative design that offers flexibility and versatility for various applications. Our analysis modules can easily be exchanged in the instrument to satisfy a diverse array of applications, including life science, electrochemistry, chemical vapor research, and environmental safety. Furthermore, our instrument is readily compatible with peripheral equipment such as auto-samplers, potentiostats, HPLC, and more.

This BI SPR modular technology has several areas of application:

Flow Injection SPR
Flow injection SPR allows SPR analysis to be carried out in a continuous liquid stream

BI-DirectFlow™ Module
Flow Injection Module

Electrochemical SPR
Electrochemical (EC) SPR allows seamless integration of SPR with electrochemical measurements.

EC-DualFlow™ Module
EC-SPR Module

Gas Phase SPR
Gas Phase SPR allows SPR analysis to be carried out at solid-gas interfaces.

Gas SPR Module