SPR Microscopy

This award winning technology opens a new frontier in the label-free molecular interactions that combines SPR with optical microscopy. Designed specifically to measure binding affinity and kinetics of cell membrane proteins, SPRM allows the biophysical assays of binding events in physiological settings.


BI’s SPR instruments expand the horizon of life science research. Our high-performance and easy-to-use flow injection system makes BI-SPR tools perfect for a diverse array of applications. Our technology enables you to study biomolecular interactions and kinetics with greater resolution and precision than ever before. Explore even more life science applications our instruments can help you with.


Our dual-measurement capability can serve as the foundation for endless creativity and originality in your research. Simultaneous electrochemical and SPR measurements, made possible by our electrochemistry SPR system, can give you additional information and new insights into various electrochemical processes. Better yet, our unique technology can open new doors in your research by helping you develop new electroanalytical and surface chemistry applications.


Unlike many current SPR instruments, BI’s SPR instruments are also capable of molecular binding analysis in gas phase. In addition to chemical vapor detection, our unique gas SPR system facilitates sensor development, thin film characterization, and numerous other gas phase applications.


The power of our tools goes well beyond the lab. The BI-SPR system is flexible for broader applications, whether it’s food safety, quality control, environmental monitoring, or the development of new high-performance SPR and coupled SPR techniques.