We provide accessories to increase your research productivity and instrument capability.

  • Sensor Chips

    We provide high quality sensor chips to address a variety of research needs

  • Bare Gold Sensor Chip

    High film uniformity for reproducible SPR research

  • Divided Gold Sensor Chip

    Pre-patterned gold surface for EC-Flow SPR applicationsPre-patterned gold surface for EC-Flow SPR applications

  • CM Dextran Sensor Chip

    COOH- linker groups in a dextran hydrogel, ideal for high capacity amine coupling with low non-specific adsorption

  • Ni-NTA Sensor Chip

    Used for immobilizing histidine-tagged molecules. His-tagged molecules are immobilized via Ni2+/NTA chelationimple and surface regeneration is done by injecting EDTA or imidazole

  • Strepavidin (SA) Sensor Chip

    Carboxymethylated dextran pre-immobilized with streptavidin for immobilization of biotinylated such as proteins, peptides, nucleic acids or carbohydrates

  • SPR Microscopy cell chamber kit

    Bare gold sensor chip with a silicone well for growing cells. Comes with chemicals and other accessories to treat the surface.

  • PP-100 Automatic Buffer Exchange Pump and Degasser

    Automatic buffer exchange up to six sources and in-line degasser.
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  • BI-Autosampler

    Automate your sample delivery in a high throughput fashion.  Download our PDF