The 5-channel Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instrument, combined with the BI Autosampler, is the ideal solution for high throughput assay development. With the BI-DirectFlow™ technology, it provides precise sampler delivery and high quality binding kinetic measurements.

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  • High throughput with 5 channels and fully automated Autosampler Provides 5 channel flow modes and high sample capacity with up to two 384 well plates.
  • High sensitivity Delivers high quality binding response for low immobilization and small molecule (< 100 Daltons) detection.
  • Precise sample delivery with BI-DirectFlow™ Technology Delivers sample with near-zero dispersion for fast kinetics and effective removal of various secondary effects.
  • Temperature controlled SPR detection module Covers wide SPR angle range for measuring SPR shift in liquid phase. Precision background and reference subtraction. Temperature control for thermodynamic studies, 6 °C to 50 °C.
  • Innovative multi-module design Provides users with maximum flexibility to choose amongst various analysis modules for electrochemistry and liquid applications.


  • BI-DirectFlow™ Module for advanced five-channel ultra-fast kinetics research

Optional Accessories:

  • EC-DualFlow™ Module for advanced two-channel electrochemical (EC) flow SPR research
  • EC-SPR Module for electrochemical (EC) SPR research
  • Gas SPR Module for gas phase and chemical vapor SPR research
  • Autosampler Automate your BI SPR experience compatible with 384, 96, 48, and 12 plate formats
  • BI Sensor Chips with high uniformity for reproducible SPR research


Life Science

Our Flow injection technique and analysis modules can help you with drug discovery and development, protein-protein/ protein-DNA/ protein-drug interaction studies, gene assays, immunosensing, and more. See Application


Our Electrochemical SPR technique and analysis modules can help you with a variety of electro-analytical applications such as anodic stripping analyses, electropolymerization, electrodeposition, redox-related conformational change, and more. See Application

Chemical Vapor Sensing

Our Gas Phase SPR technique and analysis modules can help you study fundamental solid-gas interface interactions, detect toxic molecules in the environment, perform various chemical analyses for medical research, and more. See Application

Environment, Food & Beyond

Our BI SPR techniques can help you with broader applications such as food safety, quality control, environmental monitoring, or the development of new high-performance and coupled SPR techniques. See Application