Biosensing Instrument Inc. provides an innovative multi-channel flow injection module with BI-DirectFlow™ technology for ultra-fast kinetics measurement. It delivers sample to the sensor surface with near-zero dispersion, enabling the study of SPR events in greater detail than ever before. In addition to the analysis of fast kinetics, the secondary effects present in many SPR experiments (i.e. bulk refractive index change, mass limited transport, and non-specific absorption) can now be more accurately characterized and extracted, generating higher quality results that represent the true molecular binding behavior.

  • Multiple channel semi-automated sample delivery (single and serial flow modes)
  • Near-zero dispersion for ultra-fast kinetics and high-resolution binding analyses
  • Small internal volume for conservation of valuable samples
  • Modular design provides users with maximum flexibility
  • Wide dynamic range and high sensitivity for both large and small molecules
  • Broad response time for slow (hours) and fast (< ms) kinetic processes
  • Automated Sample Delivery with Near-zero Dispersion
    Near-zero sample dispersion for ultra-fast kinetics and high-resolution binding analysis. This unique technology enables finer observation and removal of secondary effects such as bulk refractive index shift, mass limited transport, and non-specific binding. As a result, high quality data that is more representative of true molecular binding behavior is obtained.
  • Multiple Channels, Small internal volume
    The dual channel configuration is optimized to enhance reference and background subtraction, reducing noise, drift, and other secondary effects. The small internal volume conserves expensive reagents and valuable samples, and also enables researchers to carry out rapid sample injection and investigate fast kinetic processes.
  • Biocompatibility
    The cell body and fluidic channels are constructed with biocompatible materials. Such biocompatibility eliminates sample carryovers and memory effects, affording continuous and undisrupted sample injections and analyses.
  • Easy Usage and Simple Maintenance
    The micro-fluidic channels and cell body are uniquely integrated for easy usage, cleaning, and maintenance. The interchangeable analysis modules conveniently mount to all BI SPR instruments for flexibility in high-performance SPR binding interaction analyses.
  • Near-zero Sample Dispersion and Fast Sample Delivery
    This figure demonstrates the precision and speed of BI-DirectFlow™ sample delivery technology. Only with fast detection capability is the small sub-second dispersion observable.