High-quality, efficient, streamlined service 

  • Work directly with knowledgeable PhD application scientists
  • High-performance SPRm 200 platform
  • Rigorous quality control with high reproducibility and data integrity
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Flexibility to meet your unique requirements

Cell-based assay with SPRm 200

  • Real-time, in-vitro, label-free kinetic measurements with simultaneous optical imaging for quantitative binding activity mapping on whole cells
  • Native binding kinetic profile of small molecules, nanoparticles  and biologics with various modalities for drug delivery designs
  • Validated across numerous cell lines like HEK 293,CHO, SKBR3, SH-EP1, SKBR3, JIMT-1,HeLa, BxPC3, Ovcar3  and Ramos B.
  • Binding heterogeneity and avidity analysis

Comparison with other technologies

Simple and straightforward process

1) Cell Sample Preparation and Seeding:

Culture the cells, grow them on a sensor surface

2) On cell measurements:

Measure the interaction between drug compounds  and cell membrane proteins with simultaneous optical imaging

3) Binding kinetic profile, heterogeneity and avidity analysis:

Perform kinetic analysis; map binding activities on cell image; evaluate heterogeneity and avidity.

4) Deliverables:

  • Detailed report of binding kinetics analysis
  • The description of methods and results.
  • Kinetic and affinity constants (ka, kd, KD) for each compound.