Biosensing Instrument Inc. offers an innovative three-channel micro-fluidic module for precision sample delivery — Flow Injection Module. This technology delivers sample in a continuous flow stream to the sensor surface for the study of molecular binding interactions.

  • Three-channel sample delivery
  • Zero dead volume with small internal volume for conservation of valuable samples
  • Continuous flow stream for uninterrupted binding studies
  • Modular design provides users with maximum flexibility
  • Wide dynamic range and high sensitivity for both large and small molecules
  • Broad response time for slow (hours) and ultra-fast (< ms) kinetic processes
  • Precision Three-Channel Sample Delivery
    This micro-fluidic technology delivers sample to the sensor surface for accurate and reproducible molecular binding interaction studies. The three-channel configuration is optimized to enhance reference and background subtraction, thus reducing noise, drift, and other secondary effects for reproducible high quality data.
  • Small Internal Volume
    The small internal volume conserves expensive reagents and valuable samples.
  • Biocompatibility
    The cell body and fluidic channels are constructed with biocompatible materials. Such biocompatibility eliminates sample carryovers and memory effects, affording continuous and undisrupted sample injections and analyses.
  • Easy Usage and Simple Maintenance
    The micro-fluidic channels and cell body are uniquely integrated for easy usage, cleaning, and maintenance. The interchangeable analysis modules conveniently mount to all BI SPR instruments for flexibility in high-performance SPR binding interaction analyses.