Biosensing Instrument Inc. introduces the first commercially available two-channel Gas SPR detection system. This technology enables the high sensitivity of SPR analysis to be performed in the gas phase, permitting new capabilities for sensor development, thin film analysis, environmental and air quality research, and gas molecule binding studies. The Gas SPR Analysis Module is designed to allow for the study of up to two surfaces simultaneously during the exposure to a gas sample. The flexible design of BI SPR instruments allows for the Gas SPR Analysis Module to be easily fitted into any BI SPR instrument.  A Gas Diluter System for precision delivery of gas samples is also available.

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  • Gas SPR analysis for up to two surfaces in flow stream
  • Small internal sample volume
  • Modular design provides users with maximum flexibility
  • Wide dynamic range and high sensitivity for both large and small molecules
  • Broad response time for slow (hours) and fast (< ms) kinetic processes
  • Dual-Channel Gas SPR
    Two different surfaces can be studied simultaneously in a sample gas flow stream, making this system uniquely versatile for cutting-edge Gas SPR research. The BI SPR software can automatically plot the differential behavior resulting from the effect of the gas sample on both channels.
  • Small Internal Volume
    Small internal volume conserves the use of valuable gas samples.
  • Modular Design
    The SPR Gas Analysis module is designed to easily fit into any BI SPR instrument.