Biosensing Instrument Inc. provides an analysis module for electrochemical surface plasmon resonance research (EC-SPR). The module’s design takes into account the specific needs of high quality electrochemical measurements while maintaining the high performance of SPR detection. It facilitates simultaneous electrochemical and SPR measurements on the same sensor chip, and is ideal for studying various electrochemical processes with SPR and for controlling surface binding and molecular conformational changes via electrochemical means.

  • Small internal sample volume
  • Modular design provides users with maximum flexibility
  • Wide dynamic range and high sensitivity for both large and small molecules
  • Broad response time (ms – hours) for various electrochemical processes
  • Dual SPR detector to assess uniformity for electrochemical processes
  • Module geometry and electrode configuration
    The module’s geometry and size are comparable to standard electrochemical measurements. A Pt counter electrode and a Ag/AgCl reference electrode are located at optimized positions, which allows users to take SPR data without compromising high-quality electrochemical measurements. Users may also choose their own counter and reference electrodes to create specific applications.
  • Kinetic and voltammetric measurements
    BI’s innovative design and unique fast SPR detection capability (down to ms) make it possible for fast potential step and voltammetric measurements.
  • Purging dissolved oxygen
    The module’s design allows users to purge dissolved oxygen from the electrolytes, which is critical for many electrochemical measurements that are sensitive to oxygen interference.
  • Easy Usage and Simple Maintenance
    The electrodes can be easily assembled into the module body and connected to a potentiostat, making it simple to setup, operate, and maintain. This EC-SPR module may be used with all BI SPR instruments for high performance EC-SPR analysis.
  • Bio and electrochemical compatible
    The module’s body and fluidic components are constructed with biocompatible materials. Such biocompatibility eliminates sample carryover and memory effects.