Precision is vital to Surface Plasmon Resonance detection. Since the amount of angular shift is proportional to the number and size of the molecules, detecting the binding event of extremely dilute or small analyte molecules calls for highly sensitive technology with fast response times.

BI’s SPR technology uses innovative method to detect the resonance angle changes, which is a crucial component for the high performance of any SPR instrument. Our instrument utilizes an enhanced position-sensitive device with advanced algorithm to detect extremely small SPR angle shift. Combining with the noise cancellation techniques, it removes all common noises from sources such as light intensity fluctuations, thermal drift, and mechanical instabilities. Our unique design incorporates symmetric optoelectronics of both the sample and reference channels so that it allows for simultaneous measurements of multi samples, or for accurate background and reference subtraction. Optimized and compact optical designs with no moving parts further improve stability and performance. The combination of these design methods creates an instrument that can measure molecules as small as 100 Da.