Free webinar on Jan 28 2021: SPR for Biosensor Applications

January 11, 2021

Biosensing Instrument will be talking at a free webinar on Jan 28 2021, 8am LA / 11am NY / 4pm London time.

SPR is an optical-based real-time detection method that studies biomolecular interactions and delivers superior results across diverse categories of research, including life science, drug discovery, electrochemical analysis, food safety, environmental science, and chemical sensor development.  When SPR is combined with other techniques such as electrochemistry or gas, it allows one to obtain new insight into metal-solution or membrane-gas interfacial processes, enabling new applications and technology development in biosensor research.

In this webinar, we will cover: 

  • Basic principles of SPR
  • Electrochemistry-SPR applications
  • Gas-SPR technique by using methane permeable membranes 

This webinar is hosted by Surface Ventures and sponsored by Micro Materials.

To register, go here.