SPRm 200 SPR Microscopy selected as 2017 Finalist for R&D 100 Awards

August 11, 2017

Tempe, AZ

Biosensing Instrument Inc (BI) announced today that the SPRm 200 Surface Plasmon Resonance Microscopy system has been selected as a 2017 R&D 100 Finalist.

“This prestigious award honors the latest and best innovations. Being able to develop and commercialize a tool that helps drug discovery research to fight cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases and getting recognition as a world-class product is very invigorating,” said Dr. Nguyen Ly, Director of Research and Development of BI.

SPRm 200 is the world’s first commercially available surface plasmon resonance microscopy (SPRM) system. It is the only scientific solution on the market that enables label-free in vitro measurement of binding affinity and kinetics of cell membrane proteins in their native environment. By providing the ability to study molecular interactions using cells grown on the sensor chip, this novel system redefines the frontier of SPR technology.

The prestigious “Oscars of Invention” honor the latest and best innovations and identify the top technology products of the past year. The R&D 100 Awards span industry, academia and government-sponsored research organizations. The R&D 100 Winners will be announced November 17.

About Biosensing Instrument
Biosensing Instrument, Inc. (BI) is a privately held company based in Tempe, Arizona and a technology leader in label-free molecular interaction analysis applications. The BI solutions are based on the Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology and the instruments are high performance, modular and cost-effective. They are used in academic and biopharmaceutical research for the measurement of affinity and kinetics of small or large biomolecules. Application areas include life sciences, drug discovery, antibody characterization, biosensors and electrochemistry. Information about BI can be found at www.biosensingUSA.com.