December 03, 2015

Biosensing Instrument Inc (BI) today introduced the BI-2500, a new Label Free Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Analysis System. This new benchtop size, 3-channel SPR system was designed with affordability in mind and it brings the SPR technology into your lab on your own budget and on your own assay development schedule. The BI-2500 extends the frontier of SPR research with its innovative and popular analysis modules by giving researchers with the flexibility to expand into electrochemistry, liquid and gas phase SPR applications.

Ideal for biosensor development, the BI-2500 delivers greater flexibility and faster biomolecule binding assay development with its 3 channel flow module and high quality binding response for low immobilization and small molecule (100 Da) detection.

The BI-2500 series is available now.   More information can be found at

About Biosensing Instrument
Biosensing Instrument Inc (BI) is a privately held company based in Tempe, Arizona and a technology leader in label-free molecular interaction analysis applications. The BI solutions are based on the Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology and the instruments are high performance, modular and cost effective. They are used in academia and biopharmaceutical research for the measurement of affinity and kinetics of small or large biomolecules. Application areas include life sciences, drug discovery, antibody characterization, biosensors and electrochemistry. Information about BI can be found at