BI-SPR Technology

At Biosensing Instrument Inc., we use a unique detection method to achieve both high sensitivity and fast detection speeds. Our innovative design and BI-DirectFlow™ technology allows us to combine precise sample delivery at small volume with a noise and drift cancellation technique to meet the diverse application needs of our users.  In addition, our novel modular design enables users to perform various applications such as electrochemistry and gas phase SPR with ease.

Small Molecule Detection

BI implements a few design methods to measure molecules as small as 100 Da.

High Quality Data

With BI-DirectFlow™ technology, the sample delivered to the sensor surface is actively managed to get reduce the mixing of sample and butter (dispersion).   Removal of dispersion generates a clean and sharp concentration profile of the sample, which generates more accurate binding results.


BI’s analysis modules can easily be exchanged in the instrument to expand to different applications such as life science, electrochemistry, chemical vapor research, and environmental safety.

Cost Effective

Our solutions are not only affordable from the initial acquisition stage but also have low running costs.